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Pussy sex with my lovely girlfriend

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Date: 06/03/2016

Pussy sex with my lovely girlfriend

Girlfriend ko uski shadi me choda.

Hello friends, my name is Sumit and I am here to share one of my sex encounters which I had with my ex-girlfriend in her marriage. I believe you all will like my story. I am 34 years old now and this story is about 10 years old. I was 24 that that time. I was in love with Nalini that time. We were in same class and then we had joined same job in same office. We had secret affair but somehow, our family got to know about this. But, we were in deep love and it was very difficult for us to be separate now. We both love each other so much that we could die for each other. We had decided, if our family would not agree for our relationship, we will leave our home and will get married and stay away from our families. We were supposed to do same but Nalini was caught by her brother. I was waiting for her entire day, she was not come. I met with her friend in evening and she told me about all this. I had gone mad and wanted to go to her home. But, her friend stopped me and said – if you go there. Nalini will be in mess. They are going to do her marriage with some guy close to them. And her father had threatened her, if she will not do marriage, they will her. She was beaten by them. Her friend asked me to forget her. But, I was not just passing time with her. It was true love between us and I wanted to listen these words from her. But, I was in thought what to do next? I was thinking same, in mean time; she managed to call me from her home. We made a plan to meet in restaurant. We planned to meet just one day before her marriage. We were meeting at beauty parlor. Her cousin was the owner of this beauty parlor and she was aware about our love and she was really helpful for us. We met in there and asked her to go first floor. It was just used as store room. No one used to go there and that time, no one in family was there except her cousin. We went there. We met at 9 in morning and spent time till evening 5 o’clock. Nalini was so beautiful that she doesn’t require any makeup. She came to beauty parlor only to meet me. We went to first floor. Nalini said – I love you Sumit and I don’t want that some strange touch my body before you. I wanted to completely today. I want to give my everything to you Sumit. I love you and just want you.. Today I want that you fuck me and open the seal of my pussy. I also wanted to fuck her now. I knew that we can’t get married but we can have our first sex with each other. We both were horny and hot. We both were nasty and wanted fucking now. We were alone on that floor and we had locked the door also. As I went inside the room after locking the door, Nalini dropped her stole on floor and sat at corner. There was a chair in room but she was sitting on floor. She was sitting in very sexy pose. I loved her that sexy pose and I also approached her and sat between her legs. I took her hands in my hands and asked about her and then we started talking about sex. I was pressing dick while talking sexy and she was rubbing her pussy also. I was lying on her laps and my mouth was very near to her pussy. Her pussy was really wet now. I could smell it and also her lower was wet with pussy juice. She had also noticed that my dick was hard and erected now and ready to fuck her pussy. We were seeing each other touching our private parts and playing with them. My juice was coming out from my mouth and her pussy juice was coming out from her pussy. We both were moaning seeing each other ahah ahah ahah ahahah… She started pressing her boobs with one hand and also rubbing her pussy with second hand. I started kissing her lap and was pressing my dick hard. I was doing masturbation. I was enjoying this. Suddenly, I took her hand in my hand and kept it on my dick. She took my dick in her hand and started shaking it. She was doing my masturbation and giving me sexual pleasure. I was also started rubbing her pussy. We both were very nasty now and can’t handle much now. I had removed her lower and kept my head on her pussy. I was touching her pussy door and was licking with my tongue. She was moaning in pleasure and cum. She released lots of juice and I had sucked all her cum. I licked her pussy for 15 minutes and enjoyed it. Then, I had taken her boobs in my hands and started pressing it. I had removed her top yet and then I removed it and taken out her sex boobs. Wow… what was the scene! She had awesome big sexy soft boobs.. ahahah ahaha ahah I was pressing those hard and then I put my mouth on her boobs and started sucking and the pressing. I was also giving her love bites. After 20 minutes of oral sex, I had kept my dick on her pussy and started rubbing my dick on her pussy. She was feeling nasty and shaking her body. I did this for 30 – 40 minutes and she was moaning ahahah ahah ahaha hmmmm ummmm hahah ahaha mmmmm… She was shaking body and moving her butts up and down. She was inviting me to fuck her and forcing me now to dig her pussy with my big dick. I pushed my dick and stroked hard. My dick had been inside her pussy. She was feeling pain and hugged me tight. She wanted me to fuck her hard and fast. She wanted to drill her pussy and diged her deep. I doing same and fucking her hard. I fucked her for 30 minutes and then released my cum inside her pussy. We had good sex and then, we kissed each other and she had been returned to her wedding. She got married and I too. Since then, we had not met again and even seen each other or talked. She was my love and I always wish that she must be happy wherever she is.

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